The New Way To Better Hearing CDEP - Dinsdale

Label:Double-D Records (Australia)
Not In Love
TV Song

Rating: 3/5

I know nothing of Melbourne band Dinsdale but judging by this CD, it won't be the last time I'll be hearing from the band. Musically, Dinsdale sound a lot like You Am I and the Icecream Hands and while they may not reach the same heights as these two bands, they do show a lot of promise. The opening track 9:15 is perhaps the strongest of the four songs present but unfortunately no song really stands out. It's not that the songs aren't well structured and catchy but they just lack that killer touch that is the difference between a good pop song and a great pop song. The main reason for this I think is the production, which really doesn't do the band justice. The guitars could have been louder and the background vocals stronger. However, there if you listen closely, there is enough there to have faith that Dinsdale's next record will be worth waiting for.

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